Application for the pitch


The „Ideensturm" is a pitch event of Hanse Ventures, which takes place quarterly in our offices in Hamburg.

The motto is „5+5+5“ – five minutes pitch, five minutes Q&A and five minutes feedback from Hanse Ventures. For reasons of confidentiality, the pitch sessions are held under suspension of the others teams. But simultaneously team members of Hanse Ventures are available for questions and answers. After the pitch sessions there is enough time for further networking and snacks.

As a company builder we search for scalable online and mobile ideas, which are still at the very beginning and where we can provide significant input. We check every idea, if it is based on a feasible business model. Hanse Ventures is an institutional Co-founder and not a Venture Capitalist, that means we do not make pure capital investments in existing companies.

To apply for a pitch session at the „Ideensturm” on 25.10.2017 we kindly ask you, to fill out the idea submission form and present your idea and your team to us (please have a CV of you and your team available). We will, of course, keep your material confidential. In case your idea and/or team meets our interest, we will get in contact with you. We look forward to a lively exchange with you!

Please submit your idea until 18.10.2017 for this event.

Apply to the next Ideensturm on 25.10.2017

What People say about Ideensturm

Ann-Kathrin Thilke

With the Ideensturm we are searching for motivated founders and concepts, which fit to Hanse Ventures. I especially appreciate the exciting and lively exchange with potential founders.

Ann-Kathrin Thilke – Human Resources Manager

Sebastian Wagner

The Ideensturm is a brilliant opportunity for prospective founders to challenge themselves and their startup concepts in front of the qualified jury of Hanse Ventures. You receive direct, honest feedback and at the same time get a good impression of how it would be to found together with Hanse Ventures.

Sebastian Wagner - Founder